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중국 남성 원격 세션 in Eng.

Reflection on the conversational treatment

Tony K.Lee

Months ago I was mentally experiencing the worst situation through my entire life, my brain was filled with great fear and depression. Before giving my reflection, here I would like to thank Mrs. Lee for her kindness providing such an effectual conversational treatment.  

My friend Hwain first heard I withdrew from the school and she introduced her mom Mrs. Lee to have an online chatting with me. Before the conversation, “What is the mask I am wearing” was one of the question Mrs. Lee gave to me. To be honest the question was quite confusing for me since it can be applied to many aspects of my life. It reminds me that my values, or in another word, sense of worth, are formed but could possibly be misled by the education from the school, the tradition of my nation, and the people around me. Through all those elements, something must be incorrect in order to destroy a man’s mental health. The question gave me a room to peacefully recall those moments that can cause weakness in my mental health.

An physical explain to a man’s depression is the lack of the chemical: 5-HT, which should be automatically produced by the human body. But when a man’s great fear and depression occupy his brain, he will understand the chemical is never something people can immediately produce to make their body recovered. What I would like to say is, what a person thinks and believes plays an even more significant role in recovery, and when Mrs. Lee gave her understanding through a way I can trust, the treatment was extremely efficient.

Mrs. Lee was even able to have an insight understanding of my personality, which extremely surprised me when she had no more information but my birthday only. She showed me few pictures to explain her analysis, surprisingly accurate. Further more, she mentioned that my character can be influenced by a childhood memory I do not even remember - and the answer to the present is looking at the past. “I don’t want to be abandoned” was another sentence Mrs. Lee gave to me, which exactly explains the emotional side of myself.

The personality analysis given by Mrs. Lee showed that I have a strong personality along with a sensitive emotion that make me want to control everything but can easily lose my self when having too many feelings, especially when I have no clear identity. Yes, for years my behavior or reaction to the world are all based on those personalities, and learning from others so fast also made me easily lose my self. I have to say, those are all very accurate analysis. Clearly, those analysis could give me a guide to adapt myself to the society, and in order to find a clear identity, I have to find what I really enjoy and what is truly useful to me and to others. Some of the suggestions are indeed ignored by me since my brain can easily be shaped by people or environment appearing on my daily routine, while other suggestion are something I always want to follow, maybe I was just too lazy to start my first step. But luckily I do feel that I am getting closer to that to realize suggestions since right now I am step by step looking for what I should devote myself into, maybe film or languages.

At the end of the conversation I was told to not to carry all of the complicated ideas with me because my thoughts can vary from time to time, and if I think things in a complicated way, my life can be destroyed. Actually, the situation I recently faced was just the example of that description. Even though there is no easy switch button from sadness to happiness, I can still find a smart way to improve my ability to make life easier through making thoughts simple. Although who I will be is still not clear, I will carry that question “What is the task for me” to keep thinking about my true identity.

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첫째는 아픈손가락이다. 내가 준비 안 된 상태에서 와서 그런지 초초초 예민아이다. 뱃속에서 나올 때 울음소리부터가 둘째와 다르다. 첫째는 짜증섞인 소리였는데 둘째는 울지를 않아서 당황했었다. 첫째는 나의 깨어남을 가속시켜주려 왔나보다. 의식 무의식 집단무의식에 있는 분노를 자꾸 꺼내준다. ㅠ 세션받은 후 첫째는 나의 행동에 훨씬 예민하게 반응한다. 내가

요즘 나의 상태가 바닥을 치고 있기에 계속 무언가 케어가 필요하다는 생각을 하고 있었다. 예전에 함께 다양한 코칭관련 강의를 들으러 다니던 지인으로 부터 "1day 집중 Intensive 워크숍"이 열리니 함께 참가해 볼 생각이 없냐는 이야기를 들었다. 하루동안 집중적으로 나를 좀더 들여다 볼 수 있는 시간이 생긴다는 이야기에 주저 없이 알았다고 했다

며칠간 저를무겁게 짓누르던 우울감이 싹 가셨구요.다시 몸이 가뿐가뿐해졌어요 ㅎㅎ그리구 제가 자기중심이 생긴것 같아요! 다른 행위를통해서 존재를 인정받으려하는게 좀 줄었어요. 어차피 굳이 하지않아도? 나는난데 나의 존재감이 있는데~ ㅎㅎ 남에게서 정당성을 입증받으려하는게 줄은것 같아요.그리구 누가 나를 비방해도 감정적으로 흔들리지않게된것같아요. 뭔가 그

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